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Project Case - ChatGPT Styled Blinking Cursor

ChatGPT-styled blinking cursor, easy and pure, vanilla JavaScript code.

Project Type

Why I built it

Someone asked me if I knew how to build it, so I tried it out and it worked.

Less than 70 lines of code, vanilla JavaScript, feel free to download and play with it. What sucks is that the blinking cursor used to be a little black solid square when GPT just came out, and now is a little black solid circle, so OpenAI changes style of the cursor every once a while or they are doing a A/B testing.

As long as they don't change the look of the blinking cursor quite often enough, then this repo remains in its place. 🙋


Simple, less than 70 lines of code, eays to use, what's the reason not to like it?


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