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Project Case - Arch The Hell Out Of It

I want to write a comprehensive comparison of all the familiar frameworks and technologies, understanding their pros and cons, thinking outside of the box, and shedding light on my thought process.

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This is a quote form somewhere if not mistaken, I am gonna use it till I find or write something better:

"Architecting a large-scale web app may not be as daunting as it seems; much of the uncertainty hinges on the availability of resources and timing. The key takeaway is that there's no one-size-fits-all solution. It's a complex landscape of trade-offs, where decisions must be made carefully to strike the right balance."


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The first project in 2024 needs to start with Auth using nextAuth. Check this project out.

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Fahoo a CMS writer

Fahoo, fatherhood, building this CMS writer for my old man who loves writing.

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